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   » Home » Design Tips » Ten Romantic Ideas (Excerpted from Romance on a Budget)
Ten Romantic Ideas (Excerpted from Romance on a Budget) by Heidi Richards Mooney

Romance is defined as an exciting and mysterious quality; a relationship between two lovers. It is the “act of making your partner feel loved.” Romance is more than an act, it’s a state of being. It’s the heart, the soul and the mind working together to create an adventure, and increase enthusiasm for one another. True romantics use their imagination to cultivate loving, sensual relationships.

Romance on a Budget

Romance isn’t about how much money you lavish on another. It’s about attracting the object of your affection. It’s about making dreams and fantasies come true.  Here are ten ideas to set the mood for Romance - excerpted from the book Romance on a Budget by Heidi Richards Mooney

# 4
Love and Chocolate
Chocolate has been associated with love since the Aztecs when they began toasting the god of fertility made with a drink from the cacao tree. Why not try a little chocolate liquor for two to set a romantic mood?

Thoughts of You

Prepare a small bag of Hershey’s kisses and put it in your love’s briefcase, purse or lunchbox. Include a not that reads: “close your eyes and place the kiss between your lips and while you are rolling it around in your mouth, think of me.

This Kiss

“You must remember this, a kiss is still a kiss”… kiss often. Repeat several times.


Eat bananas. In addition to their erotic shape, bananas have also been associated with erotic energy. There’s one legend suggesting that the serpent that tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden hid in a bunch of bananas. 'Bufotenine' (the alkaloid compound found in bananas) is believed to increase your libido (sex drive).

You Light my Fire
To keep the “fires burning” set a romantic mood by lighting candles.

You Light-up my Life

Spray the perfume or cologne you wear on a light bulb. When the light is turned on the scent of you will fill the room.

West Side Story

Did you know that you can check out movies from the library? FOR FREE. Just supply the popcorn and beverage and an inexpensive night is about to begin.

Do you want to know a secret? Being a good listener is an art. Some people are natural good listeners, others need practice. When you truly listen to another it demonstrates that you care about what they are saying. It’s the most important communication skill in a successful long-term relationship. If you really want to know your love’s likes, dislikes, wants, desires, perfect the art of listening.

Lucky in Love

“Got the winning touch? Does the game of hearts put you in spades?” Send your love a Lucky Bamboo plant with a note telling her/him how lucky you are to have found each other.

Send a Secret Message with Flowers

Did you know that the red rose is the symbol of love and passion, the four-leaf clover says “Be Mine,” the pansy means “you occupy my thoughts” or that violet represents “faithfulness?” Purchase the book "The Language of Flowers" by Marthe Seguin-Fontes or read our Language of Flowers chart and find out which flowers best express your sentiments to the one you love.

©Heidi Richards Mooney is an Author, Professional Speaker, and Business Mentor. She is the owner of Eden Florist & Gift Baskets – www.edenflorist.com and the Founder & CEO of the Women’s ECommerce Association, International www.WECAI.org – an Internet organization that “Helps Women Do Business on the WEB.”  BASIC Membership is Free.  She can be reached at heidi@edenflorist.com.  Permission is granted to publish this article electronically or in print, free of charge, as long as the bylines are included. A courtesy copy of your publication is appreciated.



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